According to Suzanne it was ‘the best birthday ever’

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Everyone stays a child at heart. No matter how old you get, I’ve come to realise that there’s always a small part of us that stays forever young.

I hadn’t really noticed it before until the other day when my best friend turned 21 and we spent a few days at a theme park. I know I’m usually wittering on about how mature I’ve become and how excited I’ve been to be an adult but, really, I’m still a big child and the past few days have completely emphasised that.

Rollercoasters have always been a big love of mine. I adore the sensation of whizzing through the air, doing loops and turns and not having any control over what happens to your body for a minute or so. You can imagine my excitement then when Suzanne announced her plans to travel to Alton Towers for her birthday. There were five of us who made the trip, all of which were over the age of 18 and all of whom developed a temporary mental age of about ten whilst we were there.

To sum up, Alton Towers was nothing less than an overwhelming success. We ran around the park tirelessly, trying all the coasters and then speeding back to go on them again and again. We spent all our change on grabby-hand claw machines, ate masses of doughnuts and ice cream and spoke to whoever was willing to chat to us. We even stayed in a purpose built ‘‘sleepover room’’ at the Alton Towers hotel, which was complete with pink walls and a big bag of X-Box and Wii games that kept us more than entertained. According to Suzanne, it was “the best birthday ever.”

Despite her turning 21, it didn’t once occur to us that we should have enjoyed our childish holiday any less than what we would have if she was turning 12. At the end of the day, I’ve realised there comes a point in life where its easy to switch between being mature and being childish enough to have a good time, and that’s the best thing ever.