A year to go to the big ‘Four Oh’

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By the time you read this I’ll be 39 years old.

I’ve got 12 months until I reach the big ‘four-oh’ and I thought it was high time I did the thing I used to sneer at others for doing - come up with a life plan to ensure my remaining years on the planet are as happy and content as possible.

I’m halfway towards contentment already thanks to my wife and wee boy, but there’s still a lot more I want to do with my life before I start the final countdown to the cremmy.

To this end I’m developing a ‘one-year plan of my very own to try and achieve goals I’ve been putting off all my life through my own inherent laziness and circumstances beyond my control.

I got a head start last year when I did a spot of stand-up comedy at North Star in Falkirk. Been there - done it - enjoyed it - wasn’t very good - move on.

I’m not going to be doing anything daft or aiming too high - I realise now that I will never quarterback the Chicago Bears to the Superbowl or play guitar at Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Festival.

The things I will be striving for are actually achievable - if I put a wee bit of effort into them for once.

For too long I’ve been drifting like a lilo lost in the middle of the Med.

From the last year of school when I barely set foot inside any classrooms, to my youth training traumas at the hands of Stirling District Council, to the crazy days of the CSA, to the long nights at Stirling University, to journalistic jaunts in Darlington, Congleton, Elgin and now Falkirk, I’ve been happy to go wherever the wind takes me.

Now I want to see what I can do in 2013 to make sure I’m not writing the same thing again in 2014.