A welcome distraction from Referendum chat

Kate Livingstone
Kate Livingstone

Well everyone, the big day is finally here. The day we have been talking about, arguing about and dissecting for months is upon us.

There were times it felt like September 18 would never arrive, and I have been marking the days off on my calendar since the summer so I am very excited to have my envelope in hand and be heading off... to the theatre.

No readers, this is not yet another opinion piece on the Scottish Referendum. I’m no politics expert - unlike most people who are chocking up my Facebook feed just now - and I’m sure most of you are sick of hearing people’s opinions on how you should vote.

I’ve been looking forward to September 18 because I’ve got tickets to see ‘Dirty Dancing’ at the King’s Theatre in Glasgow tonight.

When my friends and I booked it back at the start of the year, none of us realised it was on the day the future of our country is decided, but it’s been a happy coincidence.

Instead of nervously watching the news on television, anxious to what the latest polls and experts are saying the outcome will be, we will be taking in a slice of 1950s Americana. While Scotland could be divorcing from the rest of the UK, we’ll be submerged in one of the greatest love stories of all time. It will be a welcome break for a few hours, but I’m sure I won’t sleep tonight when I get home.

I stayed up all night watching each state declare their voting results when Obama was elected as US president. I was keen not to miss history being made and America getting it’s first black ruler so I didn’t sleep a wink - and that was a decision that didn’t directly affect me,

I’m sure there will be a great number of sleepy heads on Friday morning who were too scared or excited to sleep. And with the results likely to be very close, a great number disappointed it didn’t go their way.

Whatever the outcome, I hope it’s the best thing for the people of Scotland and we can move on from this dividing time, better and stronger than ever.