A very Blue Monday start back to work

Kate Livingstone
Kate Livingstone

I write this week’s column on Blue Monday - apparently the most depressing day of the entire year.

To have the most depressing day of the year on January 5 is not really setting your year up to a good start.

But I confess, the first Monday back at work is a particularly tough one.

My train through to work this morning was thoroughly miserable, with all the fellow commuters looking if they would rather poke themselves in the eye than be on their way to work. Even the conductor looked grumpier than normal - and if you frequent the 8.22 a.m. to Edinburgh you’ll know that is quite a feat.

And while the first few minutes at work were bearable, catching up with colleagues on how their Christmas and Hogmanay celebrations went, my day went rapidly downhill from there.

Armed with only healthy snacks and a light lunch - although I vowed not to make any resolutions, my work trousers are back at straining point so needs must - and I was starving by 10 a.m. We all know when you are starving couscous is nothing to look forward to.

Over the two-week break, my e-mails had piled up from poor unfortunate souls not lucky enough to have the festive period off and I struggled to find the motivation to do any work.

Turns out two weeks of lazing about eating tubs of Celebrations while watching Disney films doesn’t set you up for a productive start back.

Then at lunchtime my immediate boss announced she had found a new job and would be moving on, which led to secret e-mails between myself and my work friends as to who could be promoted into the place of my lovely boss.

We decided the favourite candidate and it filled me with dread. Let’s just say we don’t really see eye to eye, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed we are wrong.

To top it all off, my train home was delayed and meant I missed my lift home from the station,

So my day fitted with the stereotype and was indeed a Blue Monday.

But at least I had another tub of Celebrations and the ‘Sherlock’ box set waiting for me at home.

It might not have been the best nutritional choice for my diet, but it certainly perked up an otherwise dreary, miserable day.