A time of change at The Falkirk Herald

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The new-look Falkirk Herald hit the streets yesterday.

We hope you will enjoy the changes we have made and the new features we’ve introduced.

As I explained in this column previously, our switch from broadsheet to tabloid back in November 2011 was greeted enthusiastically by our loyal readers.

And the fact that we’ve won two top awards in the last few weeks shows how well regarded your local newspaper is.

However, we can’t afford to stand still so, after seeking your opinion on what more we could do to improve the Herald, we’ve freshened things up.

As well as a crisper layout we’ve responded to your requests by adding more puzzles alongside our regular crossword and sudoku, extending the local news section, revising our Timeline column and sourcing even more great deals for you.

Over the next few weeks, we hope you’ll also notice us taking a more campaigning stance and carrying more in-depth articles.

Of course, more and more people are following us online as well as through the printed pages so, with that in mind,

we’re also relaunching our website at over the next few weeks.