A time for reflection and renewal for officers

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Cheered on by fans, Falkirk Football Club beat Dundee United 3-1 on Saturday, September 17.

Many were BB members and boys there would see good examples of their leaders enjoying a few hours commitment to their team. On Sunday, September 18, some set aside half an hour to attend the battalion officers’ dedication service at Denny Westpark Church also illustrating personal dedication to BB objectives.

There were a couple of camps that weekend and, yes, there will be company dedication services but this was the time for personal dedication, providing an essential time for personal reflection and Christian fellowship and renewal, away from company activities.
One of the camps was that of 3rd Falkirk (Peoples’ Church). Their trip to Scott Lodge earlier in the year had to be stood down due to weather damage on site but boys and staff made up for the disappointment.

Everyone successfully climbed the 3044 foot Munro, Mayar, on the Saturday, five achieving that height of climb for the first time. On Sunday, visiting the stunning Corrie Fee allowed their traditional ‘‘jumping the river’’ or should that be jump in?

Various hotly contested indoor pursuits included FIFA 2016, table tennis, connect-four and dominoes (nice to hear there are still some non electronic interests!).
After a well behaved and enjoyable weekend the boys are looking forward to a return to their more usual March retreat at Glen Clova.

Their enrolment service, aluded to above, is in the Peoples’ Church on Sunday, October 2, at 11am to which all members, parents and friends are invited. Later that week the company section boys will attend the World Cup qualifier, Scotland v Lithuania, as part of the company membership of the Scotland supporters’ club.