A shame town’s traditional tree had to be moved

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If asked, I’d always maintain the Christmas tree that sits in the front room of our house is the one that brings me the warmest cheer on Christmas morning.

For sheer shape, form and careful placing of its twinkly lights and tasteful baubles it is as close to perfection as perfection can be.

That said, I was still a bit disappointed the one which could possibly have run me close in Falkirk district’s ‘Winner of the Christmas tree of the Year 2016’ stakes (if there was such a thing) has now been officially declared a non-runner.

News the grand Scandanavian Fir which has dominated Falkirk High Street every festive season for longer than I really care to remember will be missing from its traditional spot this year is a blow.

As Christmas trees go it was always very impressive.

It stood tall and proud next to the town’s iconic Steeple, and even if it had in recent years been secured in an unflattering concrete block, and the lights seemed to have been thrown over a bit ‘willy nilly’ and it was cordoned off by an ugly wire fence for ‘health and safety’ reasons was always something I looked forward to seeing at this special time of the year.

I appreciate the effort the council put in to secure the funding needed to give the Steeple, obviously the town’s most famous landmark, a makeover, but have to wonder why the timetable was not scrutinised in more detail to make sure the job would be done and dusted in good time for the town centre to have its famous Christmas tree in place on schedule.

Fair enough, there will be another large tree sparkling away a few hundred yards down the high street at Trinity Church for us to appreciate, and extra lights are up elsewhere, but in my view it’s all a bit disappointing.