A responsible attitude to our first trip abroad

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There comes a point in every 17-year-old’s life, I am sure, where they feel the need to express their maturity to their parents.

Most people my age do this by moving out of the family home for university – a step I’m not taking.

However, what I am extremely excited to share with you all is that myself, plus two of my closest friends, are paid, packed and ready to set foot on the party capital of Europe.

You guessed it, we’re off to Magaluf! However, being determined to show our parents that we are more grown-up than they may think, Claire, Elle and I have devised a short set of rules that will ensure we stay safe.

Rule number one: nothing illegal. We’ve clued ourself up on the do’s and don’ts – only recently a boy from our area was arrested for accidentally starting a fire.

This leads me on to rule number two: be responsible. We have all of our passports, documents, money and gadgets to look after whilst we’re over there, and so making sure they aren’t lost or stolen is key to our holiday being a success. Therefore, Elle has purchased us a pink poly-pocket for our essential items, listed alphabetically, numerically and in chronological order for when we need them. Finally: be safe. We have made a pact to stay together at all times. Three is a small number so, we have decided to never leave each others’ sides and if something does tear us apart, to return immediately to the hotel room.

Although going abroad for the first time is daunting, we three wouldn’t be doing it if we didn’t feel we weren’t ready to take it on. It’s a test of our maturity – if we can juggle being responsible adults, alongside having a whale of a time in a fantastic place, I’m pretty sure I’ll be ready to take on almost anything else.