A pleasant surprise is on cue at Bainsford club

The Creamery in Bainsford's Main Street
The Creamery in Bainsford's Main Street

While a group of friends revelled in the sun and sounds at T In The Park I had to console myself with a less eventful weekend in Falkirk.

Other pals had gone to different corners of the country on camping trips sending me texts saying, ‘you should have came, it’s amazing up here’.

My girlfriend was on a birthday day out in Edinburgh so I was at the proverbial loose end and I’m saving up for a week’s break away so I just couldn’t go anywhere.

I was a but gutted due to how nice the weather was and, knowing my luck, it’ll probably be back to normal Scottish weather when I’m in Berwick next week listening to the rain batter down on our caravan.

So `I decided to cheer myself up with dining out and took up a recommendation of a friend who had been to The Creamery in Bainsford, just up from where I live.

He was there on an Ineos work’s night out and raved about it saying it was one of those places that surprise you as he thought it was just a pool and snooker club.

He’s a Hearts fan so I’m always dubious his tastes, but he was spot on about the place. It’s definitely more than a cue club. You can add a little pleasure to your leisure in the restaurant, which also has a nice outdoor dining area perfect for this weather.

The new menu offers something for everyone too with a three courses for £10 section, half portions and some more expensive dishes for either lunch or an evening meal.

I chose the prawn cocktail for a starter as there wasn’t any bruschetta, which I normally always have, but the dish wasn’t a poor substitute. It was cool and tasty served with crisp lettuce, tomato and cucumber, brown bread and lemon for the drizzle.

For my main it was one of the specials - Cajun chicken. Accompanied by salsa and melted mozzarella it was a perfect combination and the crispy chips stacked neatly like Jenga blocks added a nice composition to the presentation.

There was only one dessert I was going for and the ice cream sundae was a perfect tonic on another scorching day, topped with fresh strawberries and cream and a wafer.

Like my friend, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of food on offer in the art deco-style restaurant.

Also, I’m sure if I wasn’t ‘Norman no mates’ on the day I would have played a few games of pool or snooker, but I’ll definitely keep The Creamery in mind for another occasion.