A perfect night just needs pals

Sophie Wallace
Sophie Wallace

On Saturday night, my games room became a shrine to all things female, because the Wolfpack invaded my house.

Well I say the Wolfpack, it was all the girls minus a few because they were either working or on their holidays.

Still, it was my extended birthday treat (seriously, I feel like the Queen, my birthday celebrations have gone on for about a month, oh my) and its fair to say we all had a fantastic night.

I did have a slight panic however. On Friday night, mother and I went down to Tesco and bulk bought a whole load of junk food and juice.

When I got back up the road, I laid it all out on my bedroom floor and came to the conclusion that I hadn’t bought enough doughnuts, so I ended up getting myself in an awful tizz, mailing all the girls explaining the dilemma, but of course, it was Wolfpack to the rescue, and they all arrived bearing gifts of more food.

Honestly, some people need music to break the ice, others need something on the telly, but us?

Give us a box of jam doughnuts, a bottle of cherryade and BBQ base pizza and we’re as happy as Larry.

There was the usual gossip session about school and boys and stuff, and of course, there was juice spilled everywhere – we did manage to clean it up though, which was a positive! Then the pizza went as quickly as it arrived – you would honestly think we had never been fed for months!

We did attempt to watch some sort of film, Dead Silence I think, but we were all terrified by the first ten minutes, and we ended up distracted with Snapchat anyways, and after a few minutes of trying to figure out how the Xbox worked, we eventually knocked every idea of doing something productive on the head.

It’s good though, to know that we can all sit and have a good time without dresses and heels and the such.

Yes, we argue and yes, sometimes we want to kill each other, but see when it comes to nights in like this, it really shows how strong a friendship exists!