A page-turner without any pages? It’s a Kindle surprise

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I’m really not one for new technology.

Apart from my new smart phone, my next most technologically advanced piece of equipment is my hair straighteners. So when I was given a Kindle for Christmas I must admit I was a wee bit disappointed.

The kids had clubbed together to get me the electronic reading device and a voucher to buy some e-books and I’m sure they could ‘read’ the confusion on my face.

‘It’s so you don’t need to buy paperbacks any more Mum, you can just push a button and the book is downloaded in minutes to your Kindle’ they said. ‘It’ll be great for taking on holiday, lots of books in the space of less than one.’

But I wasn’t convinced.

I like the process of turning real pages and the satisfaction of finishing a novel and placing it in the ‘read’ section of the bookcase.

It just won’t be the same with an electronic screen, and besides I spend all day looking at a screen at work, I don’t want to look at one in my spare time too.

So I left the Kindle in its box in the bookcase, fittingly in the ‘to be read’ section and forgot all about it. Until I read a review of a book I quite fancied in the Sunday papers.

The review said it was available in e-book format and with no trip to the shops planned and a lazy Sunday afternoon ahead of me I decided to make my first purchase for the Kindle – five months after getting the thing.

And now, I have to admit, I have to eat my words.

That Sunday I was glued to the thing all day and ended up staying up until the wee small hours, and devoured the whole novel.

Since, I’ve bought dozens of e-books and it’s fairly re-ignited my passion for reading. Lots of the books are free or very cheap so if you don’t like them, just delete and move on, and any reservations I had about getting sore eyes staring at a screen for hours have been proved wrong.

Seems the inventors specially created the screen so it closely resembles paper and you can even read it in bright sunshine. Plus, just think of all the trees that will be saved from being chopped down, only to then sit on a shelf gathering dust.

In short, I’m converted and telling anyone that will listen how good it is.

After hearing about my successful venture into the world of electronics, the kids are trying to get me to update my other gadgets.

Apparently my perfectly good television needs to be replaced with a state-of-the-art flat screen and my trusty PC traded for a super fast laptop.

And as for communicating with family and friends with a good old fashioned letter or phone call – I’ve to get on Facebook and keep in constant contact that way.

So, with the help of my daughter Emma, I’ve finally succumbed to the world of Facebook.

But that is a story for another time.