A nice deal from car salesman who wasn’t in the least sleazy

Sophie Wallace
Sophie Wallace

Iam traditionally a very straight talking person. I don’t tend to dance around a point when speaking to someone.

I like to get down to the knitty gritty and spit out what I’m trying to say as quickly as possible.

I take that from my parents who are both exactly the same.

I see straight-talking as a brilliant skill that has so far proved to be transferable to many other aspects of life.

Car shopping, for example, can be tedious, especially the part where you have to deal with the overly-friendly, cheesy grinned faces of annoying salesmen.

However, as I realised last week, getting to the point quickly stands you in good stead for getting an excellent deal on a new motor.

In all fairness, it wasn’t really me doing all the talking.

I haven’t got a clue about what constitutes a “good price” for a car, or any sort of financial agreements you can come to on order to pay for it altogether.

That’s why I let dad take the reins – I’d end up spending a million pounds because a dodgy salesman convinced me it was a great deal.

However, Father Wallace – with his straight-to-the-point attitude – found me a nice 59 plate Ford Ka, with an even nicer price tag.

Our salesman didn’t conform to the stereotype that car dealers usually have. No greasy hair, he wasn’t a sly fox and he actually did take no for an answer.

That definitely made the negotiation process easier – we walked away happy customers and he managed to get a decent sale.

If there are any salesmen (or women) reading this, take a tip from young Thomas’ book – be nice to us and chances are we’ll be nice to you too.

So, in order to make the world a happier place, get to the point; do a good deal; be polite and don’t be sleazy!