A match made, but who is Madam X?

Kate's got Halloween on the brain this week
Kate's got Halloween on the brain this week

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I liked Meghan Markle, so the news of her marriage to Prince Harry came as a nice surprise earlier this week.

What does not come as a surprise is the thousands of threads of speculation that surface after such an event.

What will the dress be like? Is she the modern day Wallis Simpson? Will she be called a Princess? Will the top baby name of 2018 be Meghan?

Well here’s another question, but this one is just for my friends: If you do know a Prince, a set up would be lovely.

It was interesting to see the both of them speak about when they first met - a blind date organised by a so-far anonymous mutual friend.

Whoever this woman is - an American perhaps, who has a Prince and an actress in her address book - I think she’s won the friend of the year award.

Not only has she managed to organise the successful pairing of two people for life, but us lot are also getting a bank holiday to celebrate the nuptials.

Even I think of her as a pal.

Think the only one whose nose may be out of joint is Kate Middleton’s.

For the first time, the Duchess of Cambridge has some competition in the young and pretty royal category, and I fear Meghan’s slightly more glamorous sense of style and feminist views may make that competition pretty fierce.

So the mysterious Madam X may not be on Catherine’s Christmas card list.

But after I absorbed Meghan and Harry’s story, I realised that something potentially spooky happened to me at the weekend.

I was out for dinner on Saturday with one of my newer friends.

We see each other a few times a week at different things like yoga and my grandson’s football practice.

So when we both expressed a love of good food and red wine, we decided to book a restaurant and have a proper catch-up.

She said: “Do you know, I love setting people up. I just want to make people happy. I know of someone you might like. He’s an engineer.

“I’m absolutely up for that,” I said. “Someone who can fix things round the house!”

(I fear the romantic side of me sometimes completely gives way to my practical side.)

“Great, I’ll get a picture and show it to you next week.”

“You do that, I’m looking forward to it.”

A few days later I found out just how successful a set up can be, courtesy of Harry and Meghan so I’ll keep you posted.

It’s nice to know we can get by with a little help from our friends.