A lonely journey is stunning read

'Bones Never Lie' by Kathy Reichs
'Bones Never Lie' by Kathy Reichs

Irishman John Boyne, author of ‘The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas’, focusses on the scandal of child abuse within the church in his new novel, ‘A History Of Loneliness’.

It follows the life of Father Odran Yates who is called to be a priest as a youngster, trained and then sent to work in a boys’ boarding school. Snapshots of different periods of his life are given in each chapter, darting between years from the Sixties to the present.

Father Yates is eventually forced to come to terms with the fact paedophilia has been taking place all around him. For decades, he has witnessed hints of abuse but assumed innocence on the part of his contemporaries - or ignored it. He is an infuriatingly naive character, but incredibly endearing and kind.

Boyne captures the ghastly rippling effects of child abuse while garnering sympathy for innocent priests, tainted by the actions of others. A stunning but uncomfortable read.

‘A History Of Loneliness’ by John Boyne is published in hardback by Doubleday, priced £14.99 (ebook £4.72).

International bestselling author Kathy Reichs returns with her 17th novel in the Bones series. When Tempe is called on a case, it soon becomes clear that she has hunted for this child-killing monster before. This particular killer is her ‘one that got away’. But before she can get down to business, Temperance Brennan must first track down Detective Ryan - her partner, and sometime lover - from the original investigation. The tricky part is, he’s been missing since his daughter’s death. The anthropologist gets help from an unexpected avenue, her sick mother. Coincidences begin to mount, until it becomes clear that the murders are all, in some way, connected to Brennan. As the search heats up and evidence begins building up, Ryan and Brennan find that their prime suspect has also been killed, and the body hidden in a barrel of maple syrup. So, who is 
killing these girls now?

‘Bones Never Lie’ by Kathy Reichs is published in hardback by William Heinemann, priced £18.99 (ebook £4.99).