A knotty problem for cubs

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TRADITIONAL Scouting can take on many forms but these Cubs went back to basics for the evening.

The youngsters from the 27th Bonnybridge group pitched up at Denny Scout hall to take on the challenge of knots and lashings.

The aim was to be ready for their first camp of the year at Barrwood in April.

Assistant Cub leaders Jamie Marr, Lorraine Clarkson and Grant McArthur along with parent helper Peter King put the Cubs through their paces.

Grant devised the plan of learning a reef knot, clove hitch, sheet bend, round turn and two half hitches and a timber hitch. The latter to start a diagonal lashing.

Cubs moved from one station to the next: Station one, square lashing; station two diagonal lashing; station three shear lashing; and station four honing knot tying skills.

Grant said: “I appreciate it took a few overs and unders until we got into the swing but I think all the Cubs learned something although we’ll have a refresher before we go to camp.

“Thanks also to Charlie Stevenson who was holding an appointments committee in the back room, for letting us use the hall.”

The 51st is preparing to take part in a worldwide event which will put their bowling ability to the test.

Members of the Dennyloanhead group will be at the Camelon bowling alley for the 2018 Jambowlree – the world Scout ten pin bowling competition.

All sections can take part, there’s a separate competition for each section, including leaders.

The competition runs until the end of May 2018.

Organisers keep track of all entries by putting them on a global map.

At the end of the competition scores are totalled and the results published.

Certificates are emailed to all participating groups.

If you would like to join the action go to the jambowlree facebook page, follow them on twitter.

Rules are on the competition page and blanket badges are available.