A great excuse for lazing about

Sophie Wallace
Sophie Wallace

Happy Boxing Day to one and all! Time for yesterday’s leftovers, lazing about the house in onesies and the aftermaths of the Christmas Day soap shenanigans.

Christmas really is my perfect excuse to be as lazy as I want.

Honestly, I spend the whole time pretty much in my pyjamas, eating loads of chocolate with the family and watching one-off specials on the telly.

It really is wonderful.

To me, however, this Christmas just seems to have been a whole lot better than that of previous years.

I really don’t know why, but there just seems to be an added sparkle to it this time round.

I think I may have caught the ‘Christmas Bug’.

I’ll be running around with a Santa hat and a Christmas pudding jumper singing ‘Jingle Bells’ soon enough.

I think now, because I’m older – the big 16, ohhhh very mature, I know! (By the way, that was sarcasm if you hadn’t already guessed). I’ve started to appreciate the whole spending the time with the family element to the holidays.

Being with Father and Mama Bear and younger sibling has been absolutely fantastic, not to mention being with mum and dad’s side loads, and spending time with boyfriend’s family too.

Another perk of Crimbo is all the nights out.

The Wallaces have ventured out many a time pre-25th, and we’ve got a good few party nights lined up before New Year as well.

I feel all that popular way, aw.

I hope everyone reading this has had a wonderful Christmas that’s been spent with loved ones.

And a very happy New Year to you also! I look forward to writing to you in 2014.