A gateway to adventure

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THE pioneering spirit was in evidence when Scouts and Explorers joined up to build a gateway.

The joint venture between 27th Bonnybridge Scouts and North Star Explorers took place at Barrwood.

Scouts and Explorers combined their talents to work through a number of tasks at Barrwood camp.

Scouts and Explorers combined their talents to work through a number of tasks at Barrwood camp.

They worked together ona project which will stand them in good stead for the annual district camp competition which tests Scouts in a number of ways.

As well as creating a range of gadgets, the young people must cook all their meals, solved a variety of puzzles, erect tents, answer a series of first aid questions and take part in a number of challenges.

Scout Leader Colin Riddell said: “We had asked the Scouts what they wanted to do and they decided to build a large structure – a gateway.

“It was all down to them, the planning, the design and the build. It was very impressive and good practice ahead of the district camp competition.”

The competition is always tough and attracts Scout teams from across the district with the winners going through to the zonal and then national events.

Patrols are marked on everything and have to completely fend for themselves with no leader help. After arriving at the site they and their equipment is inspected. They are shown their location and then must set up their camp.

Everything the patrols do will be marked and inspected to see which Scout Patrol is the best.

The competition takes place at Barrwood at the end of May.

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