A fond farewell to the old dudes

January is traditionally a fallow time for music.

However, there’s been plenty of unwanted news, as this page is starting to look like an obituary column.

We’d still be talking about Lemmy had we not been overrun by Bowie tributes.

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Now, I loved Bowie’s music. Seems I wasn’t alone either with everyone from David Cameron to the Vatican jumping onto the band... sorry, paying their respects. And some of the tributes have become decidedly overblown.

It even emerged that Coldplay asked Bowie to appear on a track but he demurred on the basis that it was “not a very good song”.

The good news for, well, everyone, is that Kanye West has denied reports of his Bowie tribute album – anyone who hasn’t managed to blot out his take on Bohemian Rhapsody will be able to heave a sigh of relief and put down the pitchfork – for the time being.

The Fox Mulder of his day, he paved the way for acceptance of alien cultures.

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His metal project Tin Machine aside, Bowie did little that would blight his body of work, despite crooning with Bing Crosby at the fireside.

Hopefully I’ll not have to write another of these for a few weeks, but for now, a minute’s noise would be an apt tribute.