A doctor who I never watch

Jill Buchanan
Jill Buchanan

Perhaps it is a morbid fascination with all things health-related but, when the TV listings reveal a doctor is going to be on screen, I’m either making a mental note to watch or record the said episode.

Over the years, I’ve seen – and outlived in some cases – my fair share of medics. From Dr Kildare and Dr Finlay to the more recent, and delightful, Dr Doug Ross and Dr Derek Shepherd, I’ve seen them all.

But here’s the bit where I have to confess that’s there one doctor who really doesn’t attract my attention.

Doctor who you might ask? Well, Doctor Who!

There I’ve said it now. I realise that there are fan clubs around the globe all dedicated to this one man – or is it really one man when there have been so many incarnations?

Fans’ conventions take place and people get so excited at the thought of a new TV series. But I’m afraid it all leaves me 

The fact that Saturday brought a new doctor on the scene didn’t escape my notice, but it didn’t encourage me to watch it either.

My interest in Dr Who ended somewhere around Jon Pertwee’s interepretation of the character when the Daleks and the Cybermen were the scariest things around.