A cheesecake calamity ...

Kirsty Beaton.
Kirsty Beaton.

My home economics teacher at Woodlands High would be shocked to learn I’m now a bit of an amateur baker.

I say amateur because baking is surely one of the most difficult crafts to pick up. Over the years I’ve subjected my colleagues to some shocking creations, that, in fairness, they have usually devoured regardless. There is no chocolate machine or shop close to the Falkirk Herald office, so any kind of sugar rush, regardless of taste, is gratefully accepted.

And from my early attempts there has been vast improvement - I’ve mastered the cupcake in various forms and my icing skills are decent. I even made a friend’s wedding cake this summer.

But I’m not good enough to be immune from disasters and fall victim to the odd soggy bottom or rock hard sponge, so, for a dinner party at the weekend, I made the dessert well in advance.

The raspberry and lemon cheesecake was made on Thursday evening, and set perfectly. On the night I carefully got the cake out the tin, arranged it on the stand with a dusting of icing sugar and scattering of raspberries and popped it back in the fridge ready to serve. After I cleared the main plates, I fetched the cheesecake out the fridge, and watched in horror as it slid onto the floor - topping side down of course.

Alerted by my screams, the others rushed into the kitchen to see me desperately trying to scrape it off the floor before the dog got to it.

There was no back-up dessert and after hearing I’d just washed the floor, my guests were happy to eat the cheesecake.

I think we all agreed the Domestos added a little extra something.