A big responsibility ... and a huge patch to cover

Falkirk Herald editor Colin Hume
Falkirk Herald editor Colin Hume

With our regular news bulletins currently being dominated by the latest developments in the Referendum debate, it’s easy to forget there’s another election this year ... in just a fortnight’s time in fact.

Yes, on May 22, we’ll be encouraged to go to the polls and vote for someone to represent us in the European Parliament.

However, only a third of us took up that invitation five years ago and the chances are that the figure will be even lower this time around.

Whisper it, but it will take a Herculean effort on my part to make it along on the day.

I don’t think I’ve missed an election since I was first eligible to vote so the chances are I will ensure my proud record remains intact.

But the fact is I feel divorced from the proceedings.

My local councillors cover the town I stay in and not much else, there are two MSPs for the Falkirk area and several more on the Central Scotland list, and we even have a pair of MPs representing the Herald’s patch in Westminster, but the prospective Euro-MP I eventually opt for will take in the whole of Scotland.

And that’s the problem.

No matter how much good work they do, it’s difficult to feel an affinity with them.