A 15-year-old can be as wise as someone double her age

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Women are strong, intelligent and self-aware.

I believe that all sexes are equally strong and plan on promoting gender equality until it’s achieved. What I feel is overlooked, however, is the idea that men and women of all ages can be just as self-aware and mentally mature as those twenty years their senior. A girl may only be 15 years old, but she is fully aware of herself, her body and her actions as a woman of 30.

Recently, Katie Hopkins made some rather offensive remarks about the Adam Johnson child sex abuse victim. A lot of people were absolutely appalled at the idea of Hopkins targeting hate towards a young girl who, according to the media, had been completely taken advantage of. I’m not condoning what Johnson did – the idea of grooming a teenage girl whilst his girlfriend was at home with their new born is sick, perverted and selfish.

However, what I believe people are completely overlooking is the fact that although this girl was underage, I believe she absolutely knew what she was doing. There is no evidence to indicate that she was forced into anything.

I was 15 once too. I had my first boyfriend, who was almost three years my elder, and was fairly clued up on sex, drugs and rock n’ roll. I grew up watching women’s bodies being sexualised and seeing girls being lusted after and knew that any female could initiate that action if they wanted. Therefore, I hold very little sympathy for the girl who Adam Johnson abused.

Branding her as a ‘schoolgirl’, a ‘victim’ and a child isn’t incorrect. She is all of those things. But all I am saying is that if we wish to promote gender equality once and for all, we must recognise that she too had a significant role to play. A 15-year-old can be as wise as someone double her age, and I believe the sooner we realise that, the faster gender equality will become a reality.