2nd Larbert boys take advantage of the sun

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The 2nd Larbert Company (Larbert Old Parish Church) enjoyed the Indian Summer at its customary September camp.

In recent years this took place at Moffat. But this time they wanted to try something different and chose Dalguise House, outside Dunkeld, as their base. Dalguise was previously owned by the BB and, a long time ago, Skipper Brian Allan had been a volunteer instructor, so he knew something of what went on there. Now owned by PGL Travel (“Parents Get Lost”!), he found out that things had certainly moved on.

Everything at Dalguise was provided for the 32 boys and four officers, including food, activities and qualified instructors who, through Carl the co-ordinator, only emphasised the wisdom of turning up on time for planned arrangements.

The object of the camp was for boys to try something new and set personal goals to achieve. New heights were reached, literally, in this respect as initially climbing was not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea! However, in due course some targets of halfway to the top were surprisingly passed as the summit was achieved, as the last handhold on the climbing wall was released. Smiles all round, and indeed in evidence all weekend.

‘Tired Team’, the one with no sleep the previous night, struggled with the Orienteering but everyone seemed to relish the challenges presented in raft building. Not surprisingly this latter challenge involved getting wet even inexplicably for a resident instructor who somehow received a ducking from one of the teams!

Brian Allan thanks all who contributed to this successful camp, especially his officers, Mr Cox for his van and 7th Falkirk (St James’ Church) for their minibus and, of course, his ‘no-nonsense’ boys.(Can’t believe that’s right!)