2014’s already looking special

Sophie Wallace
Sophie Wallace

I really am excited about this year. It just seems like a really good year. You know that feeling when you know something’s just going to go well?

Well, minus all the rubbish weather we’re getting, this year, so far, has gone pretty well (all one-and-a-bit weeks of it) and I’ve got a feeling that the rest will go brilliantly.

I think the main reason I feel this way is because I’ve got so much planned for the upcoming months.

For example, Hannah, Carys and I are off to see McBusted. I don’t think you actually understand how absolutely ridiculously buzzing I am for this. For those who haven’t been living on planet Earth for the past few months, McBusted are a pop super group made up of the popular McFly, and the once ridiculously popular, and my childhood favourite, Busted. Despite the almost 50 quid ticket, the three of us have paid our way to musical happiness, and are away to see them at the Hydro in Glasgow in early April.

Another reason I think it’ll be a fab year is the fact I reach the big 17 in August. For those who have read the column for a few months now, you will know how lazy I am when it comes to walking. This year, I am proud to say, it will all come to a bit of a sort of halt, because I can learn how to drive. Vroom vroom.

In all honesty, the thought of me behind the wheel kind of scares the likes of my friends, and my family, and my boyfriend, and everyone else for that matter, but still, this year it’s happening, and I cannot wait to do it.

In June, Falkirk Infinity Gymnastics see ourselves away back to Athens for the second time, representing Scotland at Cosmogym, their equivalent of Gymfest. I am so excited. Not only are we getting to stay in a lovely hotel with a rooftop pool, but the team we’re travelling with is wonderful. We never used to be like a family, but now we are, and I am certain we’re all going to have an excellent time.

So, all this, not even mentioning several trips to Newcastle to see boyfriend, parties and going blonde is what, so far, marks out my brilliant year ahead. I really hope nothing comes along to mess it up.