One very big trip for two small dogs

Chiuahuas Annie and Clyde from Battersea Dogs Home
Chiuahuas Annie and Clyde from Battersea Dogs Home

A woman travelled 800 miles to London and back to add two four-legged friends to her family and ended up starring on Paul O’Grady’s dog show.

Andrea Downie (45), from Armour Mews, Larbert, saw pictures of Chihuahuas Annie and Clyde on the Battersea Dogs’ Home website earlier this month and decided those were the dogs for her.

The mother-of-two already had two dogs, a Pomeranian called Poppy and a Chihuahua called Pixie, but felt she had to follow her first instinct.

Andrea, who works with adults with learning difficulties, said: “I wasn’t actually looking for any more dogs, but I was having a wee nosey and there they were. Everyone tried to put me off doing it when I mentioned it to them.

“I asked Battersea to hold the dogs for me until the end of the week when I would be off work, but they said they could only hold them until Wednesday. When I said where I was coming from I think they thought I was having them on.”

Taking a day off work, Andrea booked a flight and left her home at 11.20 a.m. on Tuesday.

She finally got home, via hire car, at 1.30 a.m. on Wednesday.

“Everyone was lovely at Battersea and couldn’t have been nicer, giving me this big dog carrier for the hire car with water bowls for the journey. The dogs were as good as gold and slept most of the way.

“I had to stop to let them get the toilet a few times.”

While she was at the famous dogs’ home a film crew from Paul O’Grady’s STV show ‘For the Love of Dogs’ captured the moment she met Annie and Clyde.

“I must have looked a state,” laughed Andrea. “I didn’t know they were going to be filming me.”

Both dogs bear the scars of past neglect, Clyde has an eye missing and Annie has a bad leg, but they are now safe and sound in a loving home.