Oh! what a plaster for Muiravonside dancer

Amanda Clark
Amanda Clark
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A dance teacher is still hitting the heights despite a painful injury.

Amanda Clark will be on crutches until the summer, then faces months of physiotherapy to get back onto her feet after rupturing her Achilles tendon.

The injury has been devastating for Amanda, who teaches at Central Scotland Ballet School alongside her mum Jacqueline and sister Samantha.

Despite this, the 35-year-old has kept on smiling.

She was on a training course in Edinburgh when the accident happened.

She said: “I would love to say I was doing something really cool but I was actually skipping! All of a sudden I heard a bang.

“It was like everything went into slow motion. I looked at my heel and it looked like I had a hole in my leg. Then I started thinking, this is really sore.

“I knew straight away that it was serious.”

Amanda, who lives in Muiravonside with husband Cameron Leask, was taken to hospital where they discovered she had ruptured the tendon.

She said: “They put a plaster cast on and two days later I had an appointment with a consultant.

“His way of diagnosing me was to stick his finger in the hole!

Amanda hopes to be walking again without crutches by July when a group from the dance school heads off on a cruise.

However it will be at least a year before Amanda can teach again.

She said: “It is very difficult for me - dancing is all I’ve ever done. I teach 39 classes each week, so I have had to find teachers to cover all those classes.

“So far though I’ve only missed one class! I’ve been going along and teaching the student teachers on the job. I sometimes forget that I can’t dance though and will try to get up to demonstrate - then realise I can’t!”

The injury also means Amanda has had to pull out of Falkirk Operatic Society’s production of Oliver - she was due to play Nancy in the show at the end of April.

She added: “I am very disappointed about that as I was going to be presented with a 25-year award from the National Operatic and Dramatic Association.”

However, Amanda has been trying to keep her spirits up - even her crutches have been decorated with flowers to make them more child friendly