In pictures: Humpback whale does a backflip in River Forth

This is the moment a humpback whale performs a spectacular back flip – in the Firth of Forth.

The dramatic image was captured by Allan Brown who patiently waited after hearing the the giant visitor had been spotted.

The whale in the Forth performs a back flip. Picture: Alan Brown

He saw the huge mammal and waited until it performed a spectacular breach followed by a big splash.

Allan (67) said: “I saw the whale on the surface about half a mile away. It did three shallow dives and then disappeared. You could tell it was doing a deep dive.

“The fourth time it breached and I was prepared for it. Considering it was quite far away, it was a big splash.

“I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s quite unusual, especially in the Firth of Forth, because it’s so shallow compared to the open sea.”

Steve Johnstone also captured some breathtaking images of the the visitor in the Forth. Check out our video slideshow to see them all.

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