Numbers involved add up to more help

The Boys' Brigade
The Boys' Brigade

Recently we have seen pictures in this newspaper of local BB Companies holding their annual displays and parents nights where awards were presented.

Now, imagine each picture multiplied by almost 20 and you start to see the extent of the work of the Brigade in Falkirk & District where that number of companies involve nearly 1000 members, in activities far removed from the ‘old’ drill, bible class, ‘ambulance’ and football fondly remembered by many.

Now multiply the activities and you have those run by companies, the battalion, BB nationally, training courses and not least, those undertaken by boys as they work towards their President’s and Queen’s Badges. All this is supported by volunteers with often less than a few pounds per head available annually from grants, the perception often being the BB is supported by central or local churches. In a few cases this is so, but often the BB donate money to their parent churches! Yes, fundraising and seeking new volunteers are ever present with the requirement for more training to keep abreast of current requirements.

Once school restarts next month, a new session will begin again. If you think you can help in any way by returning something the BB perhaps gave you in your youth, by volunteering, providing finance or having your employer sponsor some aspect of the work, please come forward. Your contribution in time, talents or money will be put to very good use. Next session, for example, the battalion may be asked to run a national football competition and whilst that may be minor in terms of the whole BB scene, it is much appreciated by so many boys.

For a local contact or if you are wondering where the nearest company is located, I’m happy to point you in the right direction. Ring me on (01324) 553 413.