Now super slimmer Carolynn’s half the woman she was

Super slimmer Carolynn Macdonald who has lost almost half her body weight
Super slimmer Carolynn Macdonald who has lost almost half her body weight

Carolynn Macdonald is delighted when people tell her she’s half the woman she was.

The mum-of-two is more than happy to agree after losing almost 12-and-a-half stone in the last few years.

She admits that the pounds then the stones crept on after she gave birth to twins Kirsti and Niall almost 26 years ago.

But in February 2012 she decided that she had to do something before her 50th birthday.

She said: “I felt that to give myself the best possible chance of remaining in good health I really needed to do something about my weight. There was so much I felt that I couldn’t do because of my weight.”

But after attending her first Weightwatchers meeting there was no looking back.

Helped by class leader Lisa Macdonald, who is no relation, she found the pounds falling off – despite feeling that she was eating more than before.

Carolynn (52) of Carron said: “My goal for my 50th birthday was to be a size 16 and I was delighted to achieve it. But now I’m a size 14!

“The more weight I lost, the more people noticed which increased my confidence and also gave me a boost to keep going.” The NHS secretary, who is married to James, said she now attends the gym, cycles to work and has climbed Ben Lomond, something she could only have dreamt about a few years ago.

In just over four years she has gone from just over 26st to 13st 9lb, a dramatic loss of 12st 5lb.

Carolynn added: “It’s completely changed my life – and my wardrobe, several times. Now I feel much more confident and healthier than ever.”

She still attends the weekly Weightwatchers class which meets in The Business Hub in Falkirk on Monday evenings.

“It’s good to keep getting the support because although I do now allow myself some treats, it would be too easy to put the pounds back on.”