New plan for Arnotdale House

Robert Dollar in the park he bequeathed to the people of Falkirk
Robert Dollar in the park he bequeathed to the people of Falkirk
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An ambitious plan to breathe new life into an historic building has been unveiled by a group keen to see it kept in public use.

Arnotdale House, situated within Falkirk’s Dollar Park, is currently being marketed for office accommodation.

It follows a £675,000-plus refit of the B-listed building carried out by Falkirk Council.

But a newly-formed group wants it to become a business and cultural centre promoting Robert Dollar, the philanthropist who gifted the 11 acres surrounding the house to the people of Falkirk. It was later named Dollar Park in his honour.

The Robert Dollar Commemorative Association, set up earlier this year, wants more recognition for the entrepreneur who made many major bequests to the district.

A spokesperson for the new group said: “Many people were outraged by the closure of Arnotdale House. Many also wanted to know about those who had fiduciary trust to maintain the property and why, beginning at some time after the 1960s, they allowed it to fall into such a disgraceful state of ruin.”

Falkirk historian Ian Scott said: “Robert Dollar was one of the great men in Falkirk’s history and the town is full of reminders of his generosity to his fellow ‘bairns’. Any project that gets people thinking about our heritage is fine by me and I wish the new association every success.”