New chapter for Falkirk’s libraries

Falkirk Library has seen an increase in PC users
Falkirk Library has seen an increase in PC users

Libraries in the Falkirk area are looking at new ways to get people back borrowing books again.

Falling numbers of library users across the area has led Falkirk Community Trust to have a rethink about the way they operate these vital local facilities.

Neil Brown, trust general manager, said: “There are less than 26,000 active borrowers using our libraries. We need to address the declining trend and find out what we need to change.

“We will carry out a fundamental review of what we deliver and what our libraries actually provide. For instance, visits by children’s authors have been a big success. We need to find out what our customers want, why they have left the library and why they are no longer a borrower.”

The controversial Welfare Reforms introduced by the UK Government have led to more people visiting their local library as they attempt to get benefits that are now only accessible online.

According to the trust the use of public access terminals in libraries increased by 12.3 per cent in the last year, with 11,238 additional uses taking the annual total to over 100,000.