New bollards causing access concern at Falkirk flats

Residents have questioned the installation of bollards in Breton Court in Falkirk
Residents have questioned the installation of bollards in Breton Court in Falkirk

Council officials have stepped in to ease elderly residents’ fears after bollards were installed in front of an emergency vehicle parking area at a block of flats.

Worried householders in Falkirk’s Breton Court, which houses those aged 60 and over, have expressed concerns over the installation of five metal poles near to the building’s entrance.

Objectors claim ambulances and disabled access vehicles will now struggle to get near the front door.

Irked residents say they were given no notification or explanation for the bollards’ purpose before they were put in place on Thursday, March 29.

However, the local authority has insisted the installation work was carried out following complaints about car drivers parking on pavements and in the designated space for emergency vehicles.

The council has also confirmed emergency service vehicles will have access to the area as one of the poles can be lowered.

A Falkirk Council spokesman said: “The bollards have been installed at Breton Court to help prevent cars parking both on the pavement and in an area zoned for emergency vehicle parking. Despite efforts by staff to deter such parking, this has not been successful.

“Five bollards have been installed, which include a drop bollard to allow the emergency services access if this is required.

“While the bollards have been placed in front of a dropped kerb, this is in place for disabled access for people to the block, but not for vehicular access to this area of pavement.”

However, some residents are skeptical over the practicality of the bollards.

Caroline Wright, who has lived in Breton Court for 16 years, said: “It’s absolutely nuts.

“Now people have got to find a bay and delivery drivers are still using the pavement.

“We’ve got more problems than before as vehicles are now parking on the pavement.

“There are people living here who struggle to get to appointments and rely on these vehicles. Ambulances and disabled access vehicles are going to struggle to get in to pick people up.

“After the bollards were installed a van was on the pavement loading and unloading as it could no longer gain access to the drop-off point. This is causing more problems than it has solved.”