‘Named person’ opponents are upset by ruling

The McIntosh family
The McIntosh family

A couple involved in a legal challenge to block controversial plans to give every child a ‘named person’ say they are disappointed a judge has dismissed their case.

Rhianwen and James McIntosh from Bonnybridge are part of the No To Named Person (NO2NP) campaign which is against SNP plans to assign a care professional or teacher to everyone under 18.

NO2NP argues the named person part of the Children and Young Persons Act (2014) is an intrusion by the state and undermines the role of parents.

But last week, Lord Pentland comprehensively rejected a petition calling the measure into question.

Mrs McIntosh, a mum-of-four, said: “We’re very disappointed. This is something we feel very strongly about and it’s something we feel will really impact on families. All the money being spent referring every single child to a named person could be better spent.

“We are very concerned at this intrusion by the government when the majority of families are doing a good job. But we’ll keep fighting,” she added

The Scottish Government said its plans have received wide support.

Falkirk East MSP Angus MacDonald said: “I would like to reassure anyone who still has concerns that the named person provision is in no way an attempt to take over any aspect of the role of the child’s parent or carer.

“Most children will never need to draw on this resource as the majority get all the love, support and encouragement they need from their parents and carers, and wider networks, but it’s impossible to say which children or families may at some stage need extra support.”