Mum wants simple test made standard

Maisie and her proud mum Sammy who wants smple test made standard
Maisie and her proud mum Sammy who wants smple test made standard

Little Maisie looks like a perfectly normal, happy toddler as she plays around the living room of her Slamannan home.

Only the fading scar which is just visible at the top of her chest gives any indication of the trauma which she went through when she was born.

Mum Sammy (21) gave birth at Forth Valley Royal in March last year. Fifteen hours later Maisie started turning blue .

She was rushed to Yorkhill where she was found to have a congenital heart defect.

Sammy is now keen to raise awareness of the condition.

She said: “I had a perfect pregnancy and no problems with any of the scans. When this all happened, it was such a shock. I had to wait until I had been discharged before I could go to see her .”

The main valves in Maisie’s heart were the wrong way round, and blood was pumping the wrong way. She underwent open heart surgery at three days old - the operation lasting eight hours.

Maisie spent two weeks in intensive care recovering.

Although she has no lasting problems from her heart, Maisie has this week been diagnosed as being profoundly deaf and been put on the waiting list for cochlear implants.

Before Maisie was diagnosed, Sammy had never heard of the condition. She said: “At Yorkhill, there were so many babies with similar problems, but I’ve never seen a poster about it. I knew there was something wrong when Maisie was struggling to feed, and that’s one of the signs, but I was just told that was normal”

Sammy is due to give birth to her second child.

She added: “I’ve had extra scans and they’ve said that everything looks fine. I am going to request the pulse oxygen test when baby is born - it’s really easy, just a clip on their finger. If Maisie had had that, her problem would have been detected before it got to the stage that she was turning blue. I think they should carry it out routinely on all babies.”