Mud, blood, and a decent Scots accent - that's Outlaw King

The biggest movie ever filmed in Scotland - with key scenes at Blackness - is gory, moving, scenic and historically convincing.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 21st October 2018, 4:13 pm
Updated Sunday, 21st October 2018, 5:23 pm
James Cosmo.
James Cosmo.

That’s the broad verdict on blockbuster “Outlaw King” from members of Falkirk’s medieval heritage group the Society of John de Graeme - some of whom were extras in the movie.

They were lucky to be able to attend the star-studded Edinburgh premiere of the film, which tells the story of how Robert the Bruce beat incredible odds to defeat a powerful English army at the Battle of Loudon Hill.

Starring Chris Pine as the dauntless King Robert and James Cosmo as his dad, the film is being widely described as a blood-drenched shocker which pulls no punches in its efforts to paint a believable picture of medieval warfare.

Actor Chris Pine.

However according to its local fans the Scottish landscapes - and the haunting music - are among the movie’s major stand-out features.

A spokesman for the John de Graeme Society said on social media: “As a film it is both thrillingly horrific and touchingly romantic in parts, with comical moments to take the edge off some of the tension”.

It was also felt that American Chris Pine’s attempt at a Scottish accent was “head and shoulders above every one else’s” - some have described it as sounding “George Street, Edinburgh”.

The movie is released by Netflix on November 9, and most people will see it on their TV screens at home, but there’s also a very limited opportunity to see it at the cinema.

Chris Pine as King Robert I of Scotland.

A screening at Glasgow’s Grosvenor Cinema, with a Q and A session featuring director David Mackenzie, was an almost instant sell-out - and staff there weren’t aware of any other planned performances.

But at the Glasgow Film Theatre in Rose Street, where another session with Mr Mackenzie is planned, there are screenings from week beginning November 12.

Tickets are available there now, but are expected to sell out very quickly.

Other venues may also have screenings planned, but if so details are not yet available.