MSP demands answers on fracking issue

John Wilson MSP
John Wilson MSP

The Scottish Government is failing to give detailed answers on the controversial issue of fracking according to one MSP.

John Wilson, who represents Central Scotland, asked the government a number of questions on fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, in March this year, including how much funding will be allocated to the public health assessment due to be carried out into the fracking process and who exactly will be commissioned to carry out the assessment.

Mr Wilson was critical of the government’s lack of substantive answers on these matters.

He said: “This issue is clearly very important to many people and the Scottish Government has a duty to address the concerns of the many people across the country who are rightfully worried about the potential impacts of fracking in and around their communities.

“The Scottish Government issued a holding answer in April and gave no further comment, so on June 25 I questioned them on when I would receive full answers to the questions I asked.

“They replied to me this week but still have given no time-frame for a response, stating they would provide an update in due course.”

The Scottish Government announced a moratorium on all planning consents for unconventional oil and gas extraction, including fracking, back in January to give them time to carry out a full public consultation and commission a full public health assessment on the controversial drilling technique.