MP urges Falkirk rail users to have their say

Commuters at Falkirk High railway station.
Commuters at Falkirk High railway station.

Falkirk commuters should let rail firms know what they think about fares, following a report that only around a third of customers reckon they’re getting best value.

That’s the view of Falkirk MP John McNally, who is urging constituents to have their say in the first ever consultation on rail fares.

It follows a survey of rail customers carried out on behalf of the rail industry, which found that just 35 per cent of customers in Scotland are very confident that they have the best value rail ticket.#

Mr McNally said: “Fare regulations have remained largely unchanged since they were first introduced in 1995 and assume that all customers will buy their ticket by visiting a ticket office.

“Further layers of requirements have been added through individual franchise agreements, with little or nothing taken away.

“This means that long-standing anomalies are becoming locked in, resulting in bigger problems for customers, and there are now around 55 million different fares.

“Regulations have also failed to keep pace with the rise of smartphone technology or how people work and travel today, with part-time working and self-employment having increased by over a third in 22 years”/

The consultation is at