MP demands an end to ‘trophies’ that threaten extinction

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Falkirk East MP Martyn Day is urging the UK Government to ban animal “trophy” imports, to reflect poll findings said to show that 93 per cent of people are against the practice.

He spoke in a Westminster Hall debate on the issue last week, arguing it was “ridiculous” that a government pledge to ban lion trophy imports by 2017 still hadn’t been met.

The MP said: “It is important that this issue is not confused with legitimate pest control - the management of habitats and conservation issues.

“Irrespective of whether it relates to endangered or non-protected species, or whether it happens abroad or at home, the practice of trophy hunting is abhorrent to many, including me.

“It deprives endangered species of healthy individuals, and perhaps as many as half of the animals are wounded, rather than killed, with some taking days to die.

“In fact, the mindset of those who find pleasure in the practice is worrisome”.

Mr Day added: “I will continue to press the UK Government to meet its commitment to ban animal trophy imports, and go further in its ivory trade legislation by completely banning ivory sales, so that this barbaric practice becomes extinct - instead of the beautiful animals it targets”.