Motorists are driven round the Larbert bend

The sign is confusing drivers
The sign is confusing drivers
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Motorists are being driven round the bend by misleading information.

The B905 from Larbert to Denny has two signs indicating a sharp right turn when the road actually swings to the left.

The confusions prompted one Falkirk Herald reader to get in touch.

He said: “I’ve recently moved to the area and hadn’t used the road much before.

It’s really twisty and having signs warning of a sharp turn the wrong way is dangerous.

‘‘I’d imagine it will only be a matter of time before an accident is caused - if there hasn’t been already.”

However, Falkirk Council has confirmed the signs have not been erected erroneously.

It said national legislation ruled they should be positioned there - to warn about a turning further along the road.

The type of bend dictates where the sign must be positioned, how big it is and how far from the potential hazard.

In this situation the second bend is deemed to merit a warning - however confusing it may appear.

A spokesperson from Falkirk Council said: “The signs are correctly installed and indicate to drivers a more severe bend ahead that follows the initial corner.

“As with all road signs, they are used to highlight potential dangers to road users who should be cautious whenever the road changes direction.

“Signs such as these are governed by national legislation in relation to their size, positioning and distance from the hazard.

“However, we are more than happy to have another look at the situation.”

Eric Appelbe, convenor of Larbert, Stenhousemuir and Torwood Community Council said: “I appreciate that councils have to adhere to regulations but sometimes a bit of common sense should prevail.

“These are two bad S-shaped bends, so to give warning for one half of them seems madness.

“If the signs are likely to cause confusion for motorists, they shouldn’t be there - it’s simple really.”