More people using public transport after Forth Road Bridge closure

Nearly one third (31.2 per cent) of adults in Scotland claimed they were more likely to use public transport now than before the Forth Road Bridge was closed.

Research conducted by ESP Group discovered that young people topped the poll at nearly half (43.4 per cent).

A surprising benefit to weeks of transport turmoil was an increased appetite to use buses, trains, trams and other public transport – especiallyfor those aged 16-29.

Part of ESP Group’s research into the future of transport in Scotland, the results were presented to the Scottish Parliament last Wednesday.

The study also found that, of those who said they use more public transport now than they did five years ago, nearly half of respondents (42.5 per cent) did so because it was cheaper than driving. 
And the main reason people didn’t use public transport was because they preferred the independence of driving (27.8 per cent).

Dr Steve Cassidy, of ESP Group, said: “Whilst being disruptive, the closure of the Forth Road Bridge may have prompted travellers to discuss home-working opportunities, to change their work times and use other transport options.

“The introduction of a ‘new normal’ way of getting from A to B may have emerged which better suits people’s lifestyle choices resulting in more people now exploring public transport options.”

*ESP Group produces travel passes used by passengers on buses and trains across Scotland and helps passengers with travel enquiries via its call centre operation in Arbroath.