More details needed from Falkirk care groups

Falkirk Council is looking for more information from the care services it funds
Falkirk Council is looking for more information from the care services it funds

The importance of looking after children and young people in the Falkirk area came under the local authority microscope.

At a meeting of Falkirk Council’s scrutiny committee on Friday, members looked at the value for money the 
authority was getting from a number of council funded services and projects run by various organisations including Aberlour Childcare Trust and Barnardo’s.

Speaking after the meeting, committee convener Provost Pat Reid said the early years children and young people report was sent back to officers in order to get more detail from some of the organisations, including Aberlour.

The trust’s early years outreach project received £315,162 from the council in 2013-14 and aims to reduce risk and levels of harm to youngsters, improve their physical and mental health and wellbeing and relationships with their family or carers.

The service also strives to raise awareness of what it does within the community.

Under the heading of “Summary of Key Issues/Challenges Facing Organisation”, Aberlour simple stated “Manager on secondment”.

In conclusion, Aberlour states its “overall progress” is the “continued provision of an efficient and effective service which meets the need of families for whom support is provided”.

Provost Reid stated there were also a number of concerns about Central Scotland Regional Equality Council, which receives £15,200 of core funding from Falkirk Council each year and aims to promote equality and support victims of discrimination and harassment.

There are worries over the sustainability of the project due to Clackmannanshire Council cutting its funding.