Missing link, think I’ll pass

Stuart Barber.
Stuart Barber.

Is it not always just the way of it? You don’t miss something until suddenly it’s not there?

The thing that is missing from my life at the moment is the road bridge across the railway line in my village which has been shut to allow the electrification of the line. It means this much taken for granted and very handy link ‘out of town’ is now a no-go area for drivers and will remain that way until October.

Now in my view you can’t stand in the way of progress, but I have to say the disruption and diversions which are in place as a result are proving to be not only very inconvenient but also very costly.

Until I had no option but to try the new-look temporary network now in place which takes me from South Broomage to Falkirk via Carronvale, Main Street, Muirhall Road, Bellsdyke Road and Stirling Road, I had no inkling just how taxing it would be. Taking a left, then a left then another left to travel the best part of a mile only to reach a point a few hundred yards from your starting point is time consuming and annoying.

Then it is a right, a left and another left to reach the Cross - another five minutes lost and yet more fuel consumed.

Tackling this convoluted outward journey to the office, then obviously repeating it in reverse to get home was posing an unnacceptable threat to my finances, but fortunately, and unlike Alex Salmond, my birthday last month provided me with a ‘Plan B’

Some day soon I will be heading for the town hall, two passport pictures, my passport and a utility bill in hand, to set the wheels rolling which will result in the wheels of the bus rolling with me on board - free of charge thanks to my bus pass.