Miriam is in pole position

Miriam Wolanski has returned from a pole camp in Australia
Miriam Wolanski has returned from a pole camp in Australia

A fitness teacher is back from a trip of a lifetime, showing her moves to tutors from all over the world.

Miriam Wolanski has returned from a pole fitness camp in Australia after being invited by organisers to share her knowledge in pole and aerial movements.

Miriam (28), from Grangemouth, had an action-packed three weeks, taking dozens of workshops and mingling with the best teachers and performers in the field.

The science graduate owns Wolanski Pole and Aerial Fitness based in Grangemouth and now employs six staff to lead 20 classes in pole fitness, aerial techniques and children’s circus skills.

Owning a pole fitness business is far from the career Miriam envisaged when she left university.

She said: “I was training to be a biology teacher after getting my degree from Stirling University.

“I started going to pole fitness classes in Glasgow, fell in love with the exercise and decided to bring it to Falkirk.”

Miriam started classes in 2008 and the school has grown to cover Falkirk, Stirling and Livingston, with the businesswoman currently considering moving her Grangemouth headquarters to bigger premises to cope with demand.

Since founding the school Miriam has advanced to master circus and aerial skills and during the Edinburgh Fringe last year performed a routine on Chinese hanging silks at Waverley railway station, just metres above the heads of commuters and tourists.

Miriam said: “We’re doing another show at Waverley this year and I’ve been invited to perform in New York and Las Vegas later this year too.

“I think perceptions have changed since I founded the business. At first people thought there was a seedy element, and connected it to pole dancing. But the two things are very different. Now people consider it more a sport and I hope that continues. It was featured at the Singapore Games and I’d love to see it become even more mainstream and is included in the Commonwealth or Olympic Games. The pole, as a piece of gymnastics apparatus, is fantastic. You can do so much and work every muscle. It’s totally inclusive and anyone of any size or gender can do it and see big improvements in their strength and ability.”