Miracle Shieldhill baby’s first day at school

Five-year-old Abbey Baird is looking forward to meeting new friends at school
Five-year-old Abbey Baird is looking forward to meeting new friends at school

A little girl who was born 15 weeks prematurely reached a huge milestone last week as she headed off to primary school.

Abbey Baird (5) weighed just 1lb 12oz and could fit into her mother’s hand when she was born and doctors feared she wouldn’t ever be well enough to go home.

The family appeared on the front page of The Falkirk Herald when the tiny baby was brought home from hospital and five years later, she is healthy and excited to be a big girl at school.

Dad Ross Baird (30) said when Abbey’s gran came to the family home in Sheildhill to see her off to school it was a special moment.

He said: “It’s easily the best thing that’s ever happened to us.”

She was recently diagnosed with high functioning autism and attends Ladeside Primary School.

Mum Emma Corrigan (27) said: “It’s been a roller coaster.

“I wasn’t sure how she would be on the first day but she went away in the taxi fine. She’s really keen on the idea.

“They have classes of five and six so they get much more one on one time. I was so happy when she started there.”

When Abbey was brought home from hospital she progressed well and started walking and talking at the expected times but when she started playgroup the early signs of autism started to appear.

Emma said the support she’s had since day one has been second to none and some of the staff who treated Abbey five years ago still keep in touch and are amazed at her progress.

Abbey loves stories and is advanced for her age when it comes to reading difficult words. On a recent outing she spotted a poster and asked what the word ‘humanities’ meant.

Little sister, Adele, is three and the whole family are proud of their miracle baby.