Metal chunk ‘fell 20 feet to corridor’ at Carrongrange School

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Emergency checks were carried out at Carrongrange School yesterday after a heavy chunk of metal plunged 20 feet to the ground floor.

The metal piece fell from a second floor window frame, but because pupils were in class nobody was nearby at the time and no-one was injured.

A worried reader said: “It is quite clear from the size and distance it fell it would have seriously injured or worse any pupils or staff that it hit”.

However a spokesman for the council, stressing safety checks were carried out promptly, said: “An incident took place yesterday (Thursday) where a metal plate (part of an internal window frame) fell in a corridor.

“Thankfully no one was injured and the school continued to operate normally.”

It has been claimed that while the corridor where the metal fell was placed out of bounds no immediate action was taken to stop staff and pupils using other parts of the school where the same types of window frames are fitted.

The Falkirk Herald was told: “It was just lucky that it happened before the periods changed over or the corridor would have been busy”.

However the council’s spokesman said the authority had instructed its contractor to carry out immediate safety checks on similar metal plates throughout the school, and that the firm concerned has indicated all similar fittings are safe.

Falkirk East MSP Angus MacDonald wrote to the council seeking assurances, and after receiving a reply from the edcuation department said he is satisfied the correct course of action has been followed by Education Services and comforted by the contractor’s assurance that, following an urgent check, all the atrium windows are safe.