Message on a US Dollar urges ‘return this to Larbert’

Is the “return to owner” request written on this United States dollar bill just a joke from a visitor from Larbert to America - or evidence of an unusually canny Scot?

That’s the puzzle which Mr Ben Splittgerber of Upstate New York is hoping Falkirk Herald readers may be able to solve, after he received the mysterious note in his change.

It carries the handwritten message: “If lost and found please return to M. Reid, Larbert, Scotland, UK”.

Mr Splittgerber, who got in touch with the Falkirk Herald by email, said: “I’m just curious to find out who this M. Reid is, and to let him/her know their old dollar has been found”.

The current exchange rate, dollars to pounds, is 1.31 US Dollars to the pound.