Members of Falkirk gym told to take a hike

The walkway leading from the car park to gym
The walkway leading from the car park to gym
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Cheeky gym club members have been told to stop taking a short cut to their classes.

Anyone joining the Xercise4Less fitness club in the former T.K.Maxx store in Falkirk’s Callendar Square qualified for two hours free parking as part of the deal.

But instead of using the top three levels of the multi-storey as required, the keep-fit fanatics have been cutting the distance they have to walk for their workouts by parking on lower levels closer to the gym - but exclusive to shoppers who have to pay to stay.

Callendar Square bosses brought the issue to the attention of Xercise4Less management’s team after complaints - and they have agreed to remind members of the rules.

Shopping centre manager Gary Melnitschuk said: “A car parking arrangement was offered to Xercise4Less as part of the initiative to attract the business to Callander Square.

“They were given exclusive use of levels nine to 11, but some members have wanted to park closer to the club. Shoppers brought it to our attention they were parking on level four, which gives them direct access to the walkway and the gym, and we took it up with them. It was just one of these things, an operational issue which has now been sorted out.”

A spokesman for Xercise4Less said: “We know the lower levels of the car park are designated areas for shoppers who pay to park there and that’s quite right.

“After the issue was brought to our attention we have reminded our members that is the case and hope they will co-operate.

“Since the problem was pointed out I have to say the majority of our members can see where the Callendar Square people are coming from.”