Martial arts ace shows how to play it safe in Falkirk

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A nightclub is hosting a hard hitting new safety seminar designed to give customers and staff skills and advice that will keep them safe.

Storm, in Meadow Street, Falkirk, will be the first venue to benefit from the all-action event, which is being co-organised by Krav Maga instructor Fraser Anderson and runs from 1 - 5 p.m. on Saturday, March 2.

The day will feature three separate workshops – First Five Seconds, SAFE (Sexual Attack Fast Escape) and STAB (Security Teams and Bar Staff) – and a talk from the organisation Rape Crisis.

Fraser said: “This collaboration between the nightclub and ourselves aims to allow people to learn new abilities and bring some awareness about what can be done in the face of some pretty nasty anti-social behaviour.

“We will be teaching staff the indicators to look for when it comes to potential troublemakers and some techniques on how to remove these people effectively and safely from the premises.”

The Krav Maga instructor said something as simple as a lowering of the head or a clenching of the fist can indicate a potential assailant’s readiness to attack.

The main seminar will take place on the nightclub’s dancefloor.

Fraser said: “Hopefully we can have the lights going and the loud music on to make things as realistic as possible, creating the conditions people would experience in the club if something did kick off.”

Brothers David and Bill Johnston, co-owners of Storm nightclub, were happy for organisers to come to their venue, but stressed they were more than satisfied with the performance of their own staff – it was not a case of Fraser coming in to clean up the premises like Patrick Swayze in the film ‘Roadhouse’.

Dave said: “We are trying to protect the public and our staff and have the safest nightclub possible and feel Fraser is a man who can help us.

“We don’t want our bar staff to get involved in any incidents, but we do want them to know how to protect themselves – anything which can help keep staff and customers safe is worth having.

“We care about our customers and want them to come here and have a good night. We don’t want them going home with a broken nose all for the sake of one or two idiots.”

Fraser hopes the seminar at Storm will be the first of many and already has interest from other clubs.

“This is the first time we’ve done anything like this,” said Fraser. “And if any pub or club want us to do something similar for them we will do it.”

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