Marie Curie volunteers aim to keep the momentum going

Falkirk Marie Curie fundraisers will be among those glad to see the back of the snow, after the launch of the annual Daffodil Appeal risked being lost in the blizzard.

It’s been estimated the charity has lost up to £25,000 across the country in funds it would have collected if the weather hadn’t closed in.

But far from giving in the charity will simply redouble its efforts when the worst of the snow has been cleared away - and there are fundraising stints being staged at key Falkirk locations.

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Thousands usually donate cash at events which unofficially welcome the start of spring, raise the charity’s profile, and make a major difference to Marie Curie funds.

However while dozens of these have been called off, the charity has pointed out that people can also donate online and by text, and is still aiming to meet its target of £500,000 in Scotland from the 2018 appeal.

Meanwhile Falkirk collectors have a series of local collection dates lined up this month(10am to 4pm) - March 8 to 10 at Morrisons in Falkirk, March 17 at Falkirk Tesco, and March 24 and 25 at Torwood Garden Centre.