Magical mystery quest at the Falkirk Wheel

Thousands of Falkirk people and visitors to the Falkirk Wheel have already been bewitched and bedazzled by Legion - a unique new outdoor show which takes intrepid time travellers deep into our mystical ancient past.

But with plenty of performances between now and December 16 the team at local group Rough Castle Experiences are hoping to see many more visits during the weeks when families tend to opt for traditional entertainment like pantomimes.

This - and no disrespect to trad entertainment - is all a bit different.

With awesome sound and light effects and spectral glimpses of Picts and Romans, Legion takes visitors from our world along a creepy, circuitous path through ancient woodlands - where all manner of surprises await.

The might of Imperial Rome - they might get out of those woods alive ...

Stunning acrobatic displays and astonishing illuminations are just two aspects of a show that can fairly claim to be “a family experience like no other”.

The people involved live and work in the local community, and the venture brings together an impressive array of technical, artistic and dramatic talent.

Local schools have had an input too - and there’s been key support from local businesses.

Meanwhile although the whole show is outdoors - it’s the whole point of the spectacular - the notoriously fickle Scottish weather isn’t proving a problem.

Legion promises a woodland ramble with a difference ...

“It is all under canopy, so there’s nothing to worry about on that score”, said a spokeswoman for the group.

“We have worked night and day to bring something special to the Falkirk area, and the comments we’ve been getting tell us it has been worth the effort - one woman said the sight of the illuminated woodland where it all takes place was ‘transformational’.

“Legion is just the first in what we hope will be a developing series of exciting outdoor event experiences, and we’re delighted so many people have already clearly enjoyed our show”.

In the course of a carefully mapped-out 90-minute ramble through the woods participants are invited to “search the woods, find the Picts and see the Magic”.

There’s more on the show, times, ticket prices etc at